Coal Creek

Project Information

CDBG-DR & EWP Upper Coal Creek Improvement Project Saint Vrain Creek

Coalition Coal Creek Canyon, Jefferson County, CO

About the Project

During the Spring of 2017, Frontier was retained by the Coal Creek Canyon Watershed Partnership to perform approximately one mile of stream restoration and bank stabilization on Upper Coal Creek in Jefferson County. The project’s close proximity to a heavily traveled road as well as residential homes and bridge structures proved to be a challenge as well as working in moderate spring runoff conditions. The project entailed sediment and debris removal, bank stabilization, revegetation, and the installation of over 162 boulder drop structures. All disturbed slopes and constructed benches received biosol, seed, and woodstraw. The project will be stabilized with over 2,400 live stakes and over a thousand containerized plants. The project was subject to Davis-Bacon Act wage reporting. Frontier self-performed all aspects of the project.